Bio and Artist Statement


I grew up in Northeast Denver, in the only white and Jewish family in an all Black neighborhood.  Fitting in was complicated, but art helped me form an identity that  made sense of it all.  My dad, a plumber who made odd sculptures and home decor, ruled a roost of five women and was my main artistic influence.  My mom and sisters were a foundational rock that remains the most important base in my life.  As an adult I’ve lived in California, rural Alabama, Miami, North Carolina, New Orleans, and Hawaii–all unique cultural destinations that have impacted my art and life.  I returned to Denver at age 50 to head the Visual Arts Department at Denver School of the Arts.   Now retired from a 35 year teaching career, I am teaching adults, traveling, and making art.

I’m a collector of techniques, papers, small objects, clothing, and cast offs.  My professional art career began using  flattened, dry frogs I found along the streets of my neighborhood on Kauai.  I gravitate toward strong stories in film, books, and art and I love to create new narratives from materials and objects I find.  As a high school art teacher, I’ve had to be well versed in a variety of media and prefer to jump around from printmaking to collage to paint to sculpture.  Currently I am obsessively making small collages from contemporary fashion and decorating magazines and will transition these new stories onto 3D surfaces.