Biography                                                                                                                                 I grew up in Denver during the 1950’s and early 60’s, the youngest of four girls, and attended public schools. As the only Jewish family in an all Black neighborhood in northeast Denver, fitting in was complicated but art made sense and helped me form an identity. My dad, a plumber,  built odd furniture, aquariums, stained glass and weird sculptures that sometimes reappear in my work.  My sisters are my best friends — family is my base and anchor. The return to my hometown 15 years ago resulted in sculptures, prints and paintings referencing my childhood. I’ve always worked as an art teacher, acquiring skills in many techniques and materials. Now in my dream job as Visual Arts Director at Denver School of the Arts, I work with students who share my  passion for art.

Artist Statement                                                                                                                 I’m an obsessive collector—paper scraps, small objects, and art techniques. I love  diverse media and exploring ways of putting disparate things together. Each project or idea calls for a specific media or maybe many.   I make use of collected “artifacts” and cast offs, imbedding additional content and texture into my work. Collage is currently my  favorite sketching media where ideas evolve rapidly as I move shapes, colors and images around.

Art making helps me figure out where I fit into the world and illuminates how experiences have shaped me. Art sheds light on obsessions and private rituals. I’m interested in the process of remembering and whatever impacts the specifics of memory. I’m attracted to a powerful plot–in film, writing, and art, and believe a strong personal story can communicate or generate a response, even if it’s from the viewer’s own frame of reference.


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