Hand and Glove Series, 2023, monotype with collage

Red House with Yellow Fence and Yellow Dancer with Black Chair, new monotypes, 12 x 9″, 2023

Standing Room Only and Skyscraper with Chair, stencil prints, 12 x 9″, 2021, $250 each

Windows and Doors, stencil monotype, 13 x 13″, $300
Group Mentality, stencil monotype, 10 x 12″, $300
My Paisley Palace, stencil monotype and collage, 14 x 15″ (SOLD)
Daddy Dries Deb (swimmer series), woodblock and color pencil, 17 x 12″, $350
Baby with Truck, screen print and collage, 12 x 9″, $250

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